Personal Training

Aberdeen Personal Trainers

We have a great range of Trainers at Aberdeen Fitness & Combat Centre. From Pro MMA and Muay Thai fighters, to highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainers. Whether it’s getting fit, building muscle, getting better in a specific combat sport, or just generally looking to train, we have you covered at AFCC.


Personal Trainers


Jamie Miller – Boxing, Weight Loss, Strength & Conditioning, General Fitness

Iona Masson – Boxing, Weight Loss, Strength & Conditioning, General Fitness

Euan Gordon – Functional Training, Mobility, Strength & Conditioning

Paull McBain – MMA, Striking, Wrestling & BJJ

Chris Batty – Muay Thai, Boxing, Striking for MMA

Steve Bonner – Muay Thai, Boxing, Striking for MMA

Owen Trykowski – Muay Thai, Striking for MMA

Den Khaengraeng – Muay Thai




Natasha Ritchie
"Iona is fun, encouraging and always reliable. She works you hard in all your sessions and all of them have been challenging but enjoyable"


Tamsin Law
" Euan is a fantastic PT - patient, informative, interested, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend his services if you're looking for a PT, especially if you've never had a session before and are apprehensive about what to expect. "