Combat Sports

We’re very lucky to have a team of combat sports instructors who are all current and former professional fighters and athletes, who have excelled in their chosen field over many years.
They practice exactly what they preach.


There’s a lot of cowboys and McDojoimage38‘s out there folks, so make sure you stay safe, and find somewhere that has a proven track record…

-Our Muay Thai coaches have held world titles, UK and commonwealth titles, and Scottish titles. Having competed around the world, and trained with some of the best fighters on the planet. They have the kind of experience and knowledge that money can’t buy.

-The AFCC is also home to the only professional Mixed Martial Arts team in the north of Scotland. Something many other clubs claim to be. Our MMA coaches have been involved in the sport for the last ten years, and have competed at both national and international level.

-Our combat sports coaching staff have had nearly 500 fights combined, from Muay Thai to MMA, and can deliver a professional service that cannot be matched anywhere in the city.