A Night of Combat Sports

Aberdeen Fitness and Combat Centre and the ACC Group are proud to present, A Night of Combat Sports.

A Night of Combat Sports is designed to be a platform to show the best home-grown talent Aberdeen has to offer in Combat Sports.

From matches in Submission Grappling, Boxing, and Muay Thai, this event will cater for all and show just how talented our local competitors truly are.

Come and watch Aberdeen’s battle with domestic and international opponents at the iconic Pittodrie Stadium venue.

Tickets priced at £25 and available from this weekend from any of the fighters on the show or at Aberdeen Fitness and Combat Centre, Berryden, Retail Park.

  1. Tyler Martin (ACC) vs Tylor Barr (Headhunters) 26-27kg – Junior Muay Thai
  2. Ray Smith (ACC) vs James Vallance (ACC) 70kg Boxing – 3x2min
  3. Mike Cowperthwaite (ACC) vs Mike Atherton (Ind) 86kg Boxing – 3x2min
  4. Joseph McCaffertay vs Lewis Hanratty @ 70kg Boxing – 3 x 2min
  5. Judy Humber (ACC) vs Chloe McInnes (D-Unit) 52kg C Class Thai – 5×1.5min
  6. Aaron Elrick (ACC) v Brad Thomson (Sit Ayutthaya) 59kg C Class Thai – 5×1.5min
  7. Kev Munro (ACC) v Dale Campbell (Chang MT) 76kg C Class Thai – 5×1.5min
  8. Mikey Grover (ACC) vs Jamie Sutherland (ACC) Exhibition Muay Thai
  9. Sarah Stu (ACC) v Leigh Newton )Phoenix Muay Thai) – 49kg B class – 5x2min
  10. Saulius Gurbininkas (ACC) vs Dean Begg (Gracie Barra) 70kg Sub Only – 10min – GI
  11. Scott Rigg (ACC) vs Ryan Harrower (Gracie Barra) 64kg Sub Only – 10min – GI
  12. Craig Guthrie (ACC) vs James Scott (SBG) 85kg Sub Only – 10min – NOGI